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Wire Rope Ladder Specifications

316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Sides, 3/16" 7X19  or Extra HD 1/4" 7X19 Cable

T6061-T6 1" Round aluminum Rungs With Non Slip Design Optional 1-1/4"

Stainless Steel Or Heavy Duty Hot Dip Galvanized End Thimble Loops

Corrosion Resistant Copper Swages To Secure Loop Eyes Top and Bottom

Individual Serial, Model Number Tags

Rated Capacity 200 LBS 1 User Light Duty

Rated Capacity 250 LBS 1 User Standard Duty

Rated Capacity 300 LBS 1 User Heavy Duty

Rated Capacity 350 LBS 1 User Extra Heavy Duty
Rated Capacity 500 LBS 2 Users Extreme Heavy Duty

Standard 16 Inch Wide Aluminum Non Slip Rungs

Standard 12 Inch On Center Rung Height

Third Party Engineered and Stamped

Minimum 4:1 Design Safety Factor

We Have Our Own In-House Load Test Cell To Ensure Quality Control

Read and understand instructions. 


Always wear your safety harness.

CUSTOM Light Weight  Wire Rope Ladders


The wire rope Y spreader sling take the 2 point anchor from the ladder and turns it in to a single point anchor. The wire rope spreader sling comes complete with a double locking safety swivel snap hook rated MBS minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs with a MBS gate load of 3,600 lbs as per the new ANSI standards. 

Download safety instructions.


Custom Applications:

We are able to make custom stand offs so the arch of your boot has somewhere to sit firmly when climbing or descending our wire rope ladders.


Each of our custom wire rope ladders come with a visible safety tag that includes date of manufacture, capacity, model number, serial number.


The 5,000 lb safety swivel snap hook includes a break away load indicator tab to make inspections easy. Optional double or triple locking stainless steel fall arrest protection carabiners available upon request.

The joining zinc or stainless steel link between the wire rope ladder and the Y-spreader  has a working load strength of 640 lbs.

The joining links can also join 1 or more sections of wire rope ladder together to make longer wire rope ladders.


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Your ladder, Your choice of materials, Your exact length - Customize your ladder for your job, connect ladders together to create longer ladders.


Your choice of Materials and Sizes

Round - Square or Rectangle shape rungs

1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch or Extra Heavy Duty

Typical 16 inches wide





6061 T6 Aluminum Rungs

304 or 316 Stainless Steel Rungs

Galvanized Rungs

Mild Steel Rungs

Hard Wood Rungs



304 or 316 Stainless Steel Cable Sides

3/16", 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8 inch cable

Slip Resistant Rungs choice of Coated or Machined

Wall Stand Offs 6 inch


Your choice of Capacity

#250 lb    #300 lb

#350 lb    #400 lb

#500 lb    #750 lb

#1,000 lb

Single or Multi User Wire Rope Ladders

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